Si! NOLA Cuba - Aviva Meyer

Si! NOLA Cuba! was a historic trip to Cuba by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, accompanied by its supporters!   It was an amazing week of music, art, and cultural exchange. Enjoy 4 galleries of photos of sightseeing around Havana and some of the band's appearances and a little taste of video clips of the music of the trip. A few longer videos of individual songs are in the video gallery.  Photos are tagged (Cuban Art, Cuban Architecture, Cuban Music, Classic Cars of Cuba, PHJB in Cuba, etc and members of the band).

- Aviva 

A little taste of the music of Si! NOLA Cuba:

Si! NOLA Cuba was a venture of the Preservation Hall Foundation, whose mission is to protect, preserve and perpetuate the musical traditions and heritage of New Orleans.  To find out more about the Foundation and ways to help, go to: